The Worst Betrayal. Chapter 19: Knock 'em Down

Sorry ahead of time for the ridiculously tiny chapter after all this time, but the story wouldn't move on until I posted it. It was a few-year-long argument.

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Chapter 19: Knock 'em Down

The roaring glory of the fire consuming the arena drew every eye like a hundred-foot--tall red gem among the glowering gloom of the landscape. Screams faded under the sound of crumbling stone walls and the usual crackling of the atmosphere.

“Way to go, Willow,” Xander’s voice was a whisper of awe.

“No time to gloat.” Buffy turned to Xander and Danaia. “I’m going out there. You both have to stay here, do you understand? I’m going to release as many slaves as I can, but someone has to be here to guide them out of this place. There’s going to be panic. They may not think to go through the gateways.”

Danaia stared somberly back at her while Xander gave a little salute. “Good luck out there, Buff. Take care of yourself. We’ll hold down the fort.”

Buffy smiled wanly at her long-time friend, but her eyes lingered on Dania with a feeling of heavy dread at the pit of her stomach when the half-demon stared back at her with eyes like flint and no response to her command.

She gave her friend one more severe look. “Please, be careful.”

“Don’t worry about us, Buff. You go save some souled vampires.”

The slayer looked between one of her two closest friends and their new ally, then turned reluctantly and with one last look towards the burning arena, dashed back towards the tower without its roof with all her slayer might.

Xander looked at the female demon beside him. “Definitely one of the top five things I never thought I’d say in my life.”

Danaia didn’t acknowledge him, but simply watched as the slayer ran for the tower.

The smoke from the incense that had risen benignly towards the missing ceiling took on a new life. It danced, kinking back and forth like the sway of feminine hips before flowing and circling the black-eyed witch like a serpent come to life. She breathed in, inhaling the wisp of it the way a dragon would exhale it.

She spoke softly. “Gods of all free beings...gods of the Norse, the Greek, the Mayan...gods of demon worlds, hear me.”

Lightning sparked and illuminated the wasteland below. The flames rising from the arena made light dance across the witch’s face and the pitch pits of her eyes even from the immense height of the tower. The screams of confusion and panic below were muffled to her.

“Hear and answer me.”

When the slayer disappeared into the tower of torment, Danaia slung her crossbow over her back and made towards the exit.

“Hey,” Xander put a hand on her shoulder. The half-Thorsosh demon halted stiffly. “Buffy said to stay here.”

The blonde slayer kicked the doors of the auction floor open. The bang of them slamming against the walls to either side echoed, halting bids. She marched in fearlessly, finally free of the cloak and dagger routine that she and her friends had employed their entire time in the hellish pocket-dimension.

The auctioneer had been looking towards the ceiling suspiciously, his horned and scaled face wrinkled in concern from the unfamiliar sound of explosions. The crowd of various species rose from their seats. The nude and shackled vampires on the stage stared towards the floor, shivering and vacant-eyed.

The demonic auctioneer in his three-piece gray suit flared his nostrils, then grinned, exposing needle-like teeth. “A human…”

A pig-faced guard with tusks drew a jagged dagger and charged the small blonde. With a bored expression, she drew her battle axe and sliced its head from its neck. Its body fell to the floor.

“That’s Slayer to you,” she corrected. “comma The. And if you want to keep the extensions that have been touching those vampires without consent, you’ll take the the chains off them and leave, now.”

Danaia’s body was rigid under the carpenter’s touch. “If you value your person, you will remove it from mine.”

He yanked his hand away from her shoulder as if burned. “Sorry. The Buffster just told us to stay here.”

“Your friend presumes to order. That presumption is not my concern.”

The human male held up his hands in a placating manner. “Buffy knows what she’s doing. Just wait until she gets back--”

Danaia whirled and slammed her crossbow butt across Xander’s face. He crumpled onto his side on the ground. The demon looked down at him with contempt before slinging her weapon across her shoulder again. She scanned the wasteland for signs of the slayer before leaving the squat stone building housing the gateways, and Xander unconscious and alone.

Demons of all colors, species, and sizes, dressed in fine gowns and shining armor, all scattered from their seats in panic. They pushed and shoved one another to get to the passageway deeper into the tower in the opposite direction from the small-statured slayer blocking the doorway to the outside.

“Now now, let’s stay calm, we have fine merchandise here, don’t let a little girl…” The auctioneer watched his customers scatter like rats abandoning a ship. “...crog.” He looked at Buffy. “Well little lady, I’m just gonna have to make sure you leave. You’re bad for business.”

He motioned towards the two remaining armored guards standing by the stage. They drew swords and charged. Buffy strode calmly towards the stage. She blocked both their strikes with her axe, hooked their weapons with the curve of her blade, and turned sharply to yank them from their hands and send them skidding across the floor. She ducked their swings and sliced them both in half at the waist.

They stared down at her dumbfounded before their upper bodies slid off of their lower bodies and their lower bodies tipped and fell.

The incense sticks Willow lit to keep calm lifted from the ground and floated in the air around her, the smoke still curling around her like serpents and drifting up her nostrils like reversed dragon smoke.

Other items lifted from the floor: broken pieces of wall, discarded clothing, weapons, and Spike. When his feet no longer touched the stone floor he latched onto a windowsill and pulled himself back downward. He grasped one stone, then another, until he maneuvered himself back to the original wall he had huddled against when he was first brought to the topmost chamber of the tower by the figments in his head of the people he’d known from Sunnyhell California.

He grabbed hold of the altar and the outer lip of the portal and pushed his floating body back towards the floor. He hovered as close as possible, curled his body in a tight ball, but couldn’t help peeking over at the figure of the red-headed witch.

Willow sat calmly, cross-legged, and stoic among the objects floating around her. She spoke to the pitch-black sky. “Agni, Prometheus, Mahuea, Pele, Ney-Anki, gods and keepers of fire, take back what was stolen.”

Masters and Mistresses with singed clothing who managed to escape the burning inferno of the arena huddled together in a loose crowd and watched the building burn in bewilderment. The roar of it was deafening, but the sudden silence when it shrank before their eyes and snuffed out to leave a blackened husk was more so. They looked at the ruins, breathless and confused, the only sound in the empty world around them the crackling of the ever-present lightning and distant screams..

All around the pocket world, torches in every building snuffed out.

The auctioneer watched the bodies of his guards hit the ground and their green-sludge blood pool. “Well…” he shrugged.

When the Slayer began her stoic march towards the stage, the demon extended his thick brown claws with a roar and reached towards the diminutive naked female vampire beside him to take a hostage. Buffy threw her ax and it spun end over end through the hair and through his skull, splitting it like a watermelon.

Chunks of brain splattered the black-haired vampire’s human-looking face and she blinked, taken out of her vacant trance. She looked up from the floor, and saw the excessively-armed blonde heading towards her with a look of determination on her face. She jumped when the body of the demon that had pawed and took bids for her slumped onto her feet. She screamed.

A.C.E. The Unnamed: PUBLISHED!

  My first erotic science fiction novel was published by a company called Excessica. The book is called The Unnamed.

A member of a conquered species frees his Life Mate from the compound where they are kept. As punishment, his captors strip him of his wings and his name, then gift him to four female trainers as a breeding slave, and force him to build weapons to destroy more of his kind. He’s ready to take his own life when he discovers that his mate may never have made it to freedom. When offered a sordid deal for information, he discovers he would endure any depravity to find her.

Warning: many heavy triggers. Proceed with caution.

The Unnamed

My first erotic science fiction novella, The Unnamed, will be available on February 2nd, available at all major ebook retailers.
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First Published Erotic Fiction

My first erotic fiction novella, The Unnamed, has been accepted for publication by Excessica. Excessica does formatting and advertising, but not editing. They've already approved the story so it must be edited fine (only took me a year), but I'd still like someone else to look over it. I'd be willing to pay a small fee for a beta reader. Message me if interested.

Bubbly Joy of Joys

I cannot express how much happier I am already to be part of this community again. Even though most of my work was posted a decade ago, there are still people here who remember me and who have already responded to my emails to welcome me back.

I spent the last ten years trying to fit in a community of models and wrestlers, and that just never worked out for me. There could be a hundred of them that I knew in a room and still I felt incredibly alone. I even have FANS of my wrestling who follow me obsessively, who when I told about my patreon page to raise funds to write full time until my writing pays for itself, some of them shared, but others responded with: "unless it's related to wrestling, I can't help you." Very few of that crowd encouraged or wanted much to do with my growth as an author.

I've learned a valuable lesson about only spending my time with and building a community with the people who appreciate me for my mind. I'd rather have a few friends and fans in the fanfiction community than a million in the shallow pools I spent years trying to be a part of.

I love you all.

If any of you would be willing to share my patreon page on your social media, I would greatly appreciate it. And even if not, I still love you.

Hello my friends and readers

Hello beautiful people I hope to never lose touch of again.

I'm back again, but this time I'm pushing for it to be for good.

I've found out a lot about myself since I've been gone, including the fact that I have PTSD and other disabilities that keep me from being able to regularly work with others.

Some good news: I've been published a few times and paid for it. It hasn't been enough yet, but I plan to change that.

For anyone who might be interested in supporting this direction, please check out my patreon page:

Thank you all for your patience and support. If I can manage to get by with this page and the writing I have coming, including my first sci-fi novel, I'm going to once more start indulging in my intense fanfiction addiction.

Hope you're all doing well. I miss each of you so much it's nuts.



I've lost my dad to cancer, and my mom lost her home to cancer expenses.

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I haven't been around much for a while. During that time, I lost my dad to cancer. Mom lost their house to expenses. I'd like to see her life go a lot better than it has been. Would you help me by sharing their story?

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Would any of you believe it if I told you I had literally forgotten this journal existed? I hadn't thought about it, in all the turmoil of life, for a good six years. I have not logged on in that much time. How then is it that the journal still exists? I thought it wouldn't when I remembered I had a LiveJournal account, but then tried to log in and the information filled in for me automatically. I clicked the button and a whole number of years that I had forgotten filled in right before my eyes. How can I forgot MY OWN STORIES?

Thanks, by the way, for the people who've been giving me birthday wishes as the years went by.

I want badly to restart these stories for all the people who have waited patiently. At the same time I'm still in school and might be a lifer, and I'm submitting work after work for paying publication. If someone could guide me, in all seriousness, into making money or finding publication by writing fanfiction, I will finish ALL these stories.

Until then, I'll keep on writing. I'll share things I publish that might interest people who follow me here and I'll try my best to get back to these stories little-by-little. If anyone is interested in what I've been up to writing-ways for the last few years, I have a wordpress blog called Don't Laugh I'm Really a Writer.

The Worst Betrayal: Signal by Fire

Alright, so I’ve dropped off the face of the earth for…what…a year and a half? In all honesty, I thought I would never pick up fanfiction again, mostly because I’ve been in college for most of that time and maintaining a 3.78 gpa (hurray for my obsessive desires for education in all forms!) Anyway, I promised myself when I went to school that I wouldn’t write fiction again until I got to a creative writing course. But, here I am, only in English 1102 and burning to write something that’s just for me.

I’m still determined not to write my original fiction until I’ve been to a class for it, but I figured I could at least work on the stories I have left my readers hanging with. This is by no means a guarantee that I will be finishing this and every other story as I had originally intended, nor will I be starting new stories. However, I do find it slightly encouraging that I: 1. Finished a 3000 word chapter in one night while also writing an annotated bibliography when previously it would have taken me the whole night to write five hundred words, 2. Suddenly, on a whim, wrote a chapter that had been the source of a year and a half long fanfiction writers block, and 3. Can vividly picture the next piece of the story in my head even after being up all night.

So, if I have any readers willing to give my stories a second chance after their previous disappointments, please enjoy my little nugget of sudden creativity.

Title: The Worst Betrayal: Signal by Fire
Author: TwilightsChild9
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, Willow/Tara, Spike/Other (more pairings, not listing them all.)
Warnings: Mentions of rape, slavery, extreme and graphic violence, angst, h/c, m/m, the list goes on...Do not read unless you are over 17!
Summary: Takes place after 'Dead Things'. After the fight in the alley, Spike disappears without a trace. A strange demon makes a truce with the Slayer, bringing news of a slave trade that's popped up right under her nose.

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New fic of mine. I know, it's been a long, long while. This is my attempt at overcoming that damned writers block, that is unfortunately caused by writing the same chapter of TWB five times, but each time it being the victim of a computer crash or something similar.

This story is based on one of the oddest challenges I had ever seen at the Bloodshedverse. So I thought if anyone could pull off chaos like that, it would hopefully be me. The challenge itself is listed below the cut.

Title: Web
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/M, Violence, UST, M/M/F
Pairings: (Oh boy) Spike/Buffy, Spike/Angel, Spike/Angel/Buffy, Cordelia/Fred, Fred/Gunn, Buffy/Illyria, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Glory, Spike/Glory, Drusilla/Connor. (Not all pairings will be sexual. Others may pop up.)

Summary: Response to Challenge #369. Post-Chosen AR. Wolfram and Hart isn't the only thing about to bring chaos down on everyone's heads. When Buffy finds out that her champion is alive, can she keep him that way? And who's competing for his attention? Will old enemies, two Hellgods and magic addiction bring disaster?

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